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Study on Drug Resistance Mediated by Expression of HER-2 and LRP in Tumor Tissues of Patients with Gastric Cancer and Expression Correlation Between HER-2 and LRP
Authors:  Pengzhe Zhou, M.D., Honghai Yu, M.D., Gang Zhang, M.D., Jinzhuo Zhang, M.D., and Yingxia Hao, M.D.
  Objective: To observe expression of human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER-2) and lung resistance protein (LRP) in tumor tissues of patients with gastric cancer and to explore the relationship between HER-2–mediated gastric cancer resistance and LRP expression.
Study Design:
Immunohistochemical method was applied to test HER-2 and LRP expression in 65 specimens of gastric cancer and 32 non–gastric cancer patients. Western blot was used to examine the phosphorylation state of HER-2 in non–gastric cancer patients and in gastric cancer patients with or without lymphatic metastasis.
HER-2 and LRP expression of patients with gastric cancer had no obvious correlation with patient age, gender, tissue differentiation degree, and infiltration depth. The research results showed that HER-2 and LRP expression in gastric cancer tissues presented positive correlation (r=0.335, p<0.05). Phosphorylation of HER-2 was highest in patients with gastric cancer and lymphatic metastasis and higher in patients with gastric cancer only, as compared to that in non–gastric cancer patients.
LRP may be one of the resistance proteins causing primary resistance of gastric cancer. Activation of HER-2 may mediate gastric cancer resistance through influencing LRP expression.
Keywords:  drug resistance, gastric cancer, HER-2, human epidermal growth factor receptor 2, immunohistochemical, LRP, lung resistance protein
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