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Protective Effect of Melatonin and Ganoderma Lucidum Against the Negative Effects of Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields on Alveolar Bone in Rats: An Experimental Animal Study
Authors:  Abdulsamet Tanık, D.D.S., Ph.D., and Mehmet Cihan Yavas, D.D.S., Ph.D.
  Objective: To investigate whether low-frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) have any harmful effects on alveolar bone and whether melatonin (MLT) and Ganoderma lucidum (GL) have protective effects against those harmful effects.
Study Design:
A total of 56 rats were divided into 7 groups and exposed to EMF produced from high voltage for 8 hours/day: groups 3 and 6, EMF+MLT (10 mg/kg/day); groups 1 and 4, just EMF; groups 2 and 5, EMF+GL (20 mg/kg/day); group 7, controls. Half of the groups were sacrificed on day 26 and the rest on day 52. Histopathological and immunohistochemical analyses of the specimens were performed.
Bone resorption, osteoblastic activity, bone matrix, and osteocyte formation were found by histopathological analysis to be statistically significant in the EMF, EMF+MLT, and EMF+GL groups as compared to the control group at day 26 (p<0.05). Bone resorption, osteoblastic activity, bone matrix, and osteocyte formation were statistically significant in the EMF and EMF+GL groups on day 52 (p<0.05). In the immunohistochemical analyses there was a statistically significant difference in the expression of osteopontin and osteonectin of the EMF+MLT and EMF+GL groups on days 26 and 52 as compared to the control and EMF groups (p<0.05). There was a statistically significant increase in the EMF+MLT group on day 52 as compared to the other groups.
Exposure to EMF caused histological changes in the alveolar bone of the rats. The use of MLT and GL in treatment may be protective against these harmful effects.
Keywords:  alveolar bone; DNA damage; electromagnetic fields; electromagnetic radiation; EMF; Ganoderma lucidum; lingzhi; low-frequency electromagnetic fields; mandible; medicine, traditional Chinese; melatonin; mushrooms; plant extracts, Chinese; reishi
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