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Importance of Clinical and Pathological Characteristics of Meningiomas and Their Relationship with Somatostatin Receptor-2 Positivity
Authors:  Nilgün Sögütçü, M.D., Sahin Laçin, M.D., and Abdurrahman Çetin, M.D.
  Objective: Numerous studies have been conducted on risk factors for meningioma, mostly investigating the relationship between meningioma tumor somatostatin receptor 2 status (SSTR2), tumor size, age at diagnosis, and tumor grade. This single-center study performed in patients undergoing meningioma resection was performed to investigate the relationships between tumor characteristics.
Study Design:
This study involved a retrospective analysis of patients undergoing meningioma resection at our hospital. Univariate and multivariate logistic regression models were used to investigate the relationships between tumor SSTR2 expression status, progesterone receptor status, Ki-67 proliferation index, grade, and size, as well as to identify factors.
A total of 81 patients had a median age at diagnosis of 50 (21–80) years. The overall survival (OS) periods in female and male patients were 100.2 and 56.4 months, respectively (p=0.02). There was a significant difference in OS rates between the patients ≤65 years of age and those >65 (99.1 and 58.8 months, respectively) (p=0.008). The patients with tumors >3 cm had poorer OS than patients with tumors ≤3 cm (p=0.004). There was no association between tumor SSTR2 expression status and OS; i.e., the OS periods were 75 months in patients with SSTR2-negative tumors, 100.2 months in those with weakly SSTR2-positive tumors, and 89 months in those with strongly SSTR2-positive tumors (p=0.472).
Interestingly, despite the high positive expression rate of SSTR2, there was no relation between SSTR2 expression status and characteristic features of meningiomas. Therefore, further investigations of the role of SSTR2 receptor expression in meningiomas other than its diagnostic value are required.
Keywords:  biomarkers, tumor; central nervous system neoplasms; diagnosis; immunohistochemistry; meningeal neoplasms; meningioma; receptors, progesterone; somatostatin receptor; tumor grade; tumor proliferation
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