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Platycodin D Inhibits Laryngeal Carcinoma Cell Multiplication, Migration, and Invasiveness Via Modulating miR-423-5p/MTA2 Axis
Authors:  Wei Yin, M.D., Xiaoju Wang, M.M., Yiqing Wang, B.S., Jianfeng Xu, B.S., Huaxiang He, B.S., JingJun Wu, M.M., Yanjiao Mao, M.M., and Shixiu Wu, M.D.
  Objective: To determine the impact of platycodin D (PD) on multiplication, migration, and invasiveness of laryngeal carcinoma (LC) cells and the possible mechanisms.
Study Design:
Cultured in vitro, LC TU686 cells were assigned into control group (CG), PD group with different doses (12.5, 25, and 50 μmol/L), miR-423-5p group, and 50 μmol/L PD+anti-miR-423-5p group. Determination of cell multiplication employed CCK-8 and clone formation assays, and the identification of cell migration and invasiveness employed Transwell. Expression of miR-423-5p and MTA2 protein in cells were measured by RT-qPCR and western blotting, respectively, and the targeting connection between them was identified via dual luciferase reporter gene assay.
Compared with the CG, the cell vitality, number of cloned, migrating, and invading TU686 cells, as well as MTA2 protein expression in the PD group at each dose (12.5, 25, and 50 μmol/L) declined (p<0.05), while 423-5p increased (p<0.05). The vitality, number of cloned, migrating, and invading TU686 cells, as well as MTA2 protein decreased in the miR-423-5p group (p<0.05) versus the CG. MTA2 was identified as the target gene of miR-423-5p. In comparison with the 50 μmol/L PD group, the activity, clone formation, migration, and invasiveness of TU686 cells, as well as the MTA2 protein expression in the 50 μmol/L PD+anti-miR-423-5p group increased (p<0.05).
A certain dose of PD can hinder LC cell multiplication, migration, and invasiveness, the mechanism of which may be related to the targeted regulation of the miR-423-5p/MTA2 axis.
Keywords:  cell multiplication, invasiveness, laryngeal carcinoma, miR-423-5p, migration; platycodin D
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