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Arthroscopic Meniscoplasty for Meniscus Injury: A Case Report
Authors:  Liang Zhou, M.M., Yang Zhao, B.S., and Jun Huang, M.M.
  BACKGROUND: Meniscus injury is a common lesion of the knee joint. Traditional meniscus surgery has a large injury. The development and application of arthroscopic technology has improved the treatment of meniscus injury. CASE: A 26-year-old man presented with knee joint pain and swelling. MRI examination revealed simple meniscus injury. We performed arthroscopy of the meniscus and performed arthroscopic meniscoplasty. After the operation, the knee joint function recovered well, and the pain and swelling symptoms disappeared.
Knee arthroscopic meniscoplasty has a significant effect on the treatment of meniscus injuries and can significantly improve the daily activities and motor function of patients, among which the joint noose and pain symptoms are the most improved.
Keywords:  arthroscopy, knee, meniscus injury, meniscoplasty, meniscus plasty
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